Howdy folks, 

The name is Nicholas Martino, and I'm a photographer based out of Southern Utah.  I enjoy all things outdoors and love to share that passion with my clients.  Whether that's Canyoneering with Zion Guru, or taking my clients on a scenic hike through the Narrows in Zion National Park, I love it all! My job is to capture all your epic adventures to cherish the moment for many years to come.  I make photographs that speak to the preservation and exploration of southern Utah's most precious landscapes.  I hope that my photos empower others to get out in nature and play like kids again. 

Along with photography, my other passion is guiding clients through the amazing landscapes intertwined in Zion National Park. You can always find me at Zion Guru in Springdale, Utah, or deep in the heart of Zion National Park.  I'd love to take you on an epic adventure.